About us

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Here at Universal Security we are passionate about customer service, for this reason you will always find the neatest and highest quality work available within the industry, within any field we specialise and our 24hr before, during and after sales support is second to none.

Marc Johnson - Coventry | Very tidy work, I was expecting to see lots of cables but everything was completely hidden from sight.

Seema Rana - Syston | Brilliant service I could have not asked for better, very professional and well recommended.

Lynda Moore - Rothley | I'm very glad i chose Universal Security, they did an excellent job in no time at all, I would have them back again.


About Us

Who are we?

We are a local family run business who take absolute pride in our work and customer satisfaction, we have been operating for nearly 20 years in one form or another and we don’t plan to stop there, we are also not part of any “bigger corporation” like most security companies are these days so you can be absolutely sure that we will be around whenever you need us.

What do we do?

We offer many different services within many different areas; this does not mean we are a “jack of all trades – master of none” outfit; we have a team of very talented engineers who specialise in electrics and electronics, we won’t just hire anybody, they have to be highly qualified and proven to be passionate about what they do as well as being highly competent.

All of our engineers carry the relevant qualifications and certification to work within their fields, and although we are not a large company, our time in this business has given us licence to carry prestigious certifications that are usually reserved for larger organisations.

Why we do it?

All this talk of customer satisfaction is not just to make us look good, it really is true, we operate on the principle of good workmanship keeps customers happy, there are too many companies out there who are out to make as much money as possible whilst doing the least amount work, this is definitely NOT us, and it turns out to be false economy for them, we only supply high quality equipment and work to the highest standards to ensure that we are able to guarantee our installations against failure which saves us time and money in not having to replace equipment.